Garden City Exchange will do everything possible to pay you the most for your silver & Gold coins.

The chart below list the prices you can expect to receive for the most common US Silver & Gold Coins.

These prices are subject to change depending on the market fluctuations.

  • Silver Price (updated 01-02-2017) $15.88
  • Gold Spot Price (updated 01-02-2017) $1150.00
  • 1964 & Older Dimes $0.71Each
  • 1964 & Older Quarters $1.77Each
  • 1964 & Older Half Dollars $3.54Each
  • 1965 thru 1969 Half Dollars $0.8Each
  • 1878 thru 1935 US Silver Dollars Average Condition $10.52Each
  • 1 oz Pure Silver Bars or Coins $14.12Each
  • 1 oz Silver American Eagles $16.77Each
  • 1 oz Gold Bar or Coin $1056.99Each
  • US Gold Double Eagle Average Condition $1020.41Each
  • 10k Gold Jewelry $11.58Per Gram
  • 14k Gold Jewelry $18.07Per Gram
  • 18k Gold Jewelry $23.1Per Gram
  • 21k Gold Jewelry $27.42Per Gram

These are average prices for Common Coins.

Some coins are worth more or less. There are many other coins that we do not have listed here.

Please call Tom or Al at 734.525.0777 with any questions about a specific coin or collection that you have.

We are available to purchase estate collections by Appointment.






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