Low Interest Pawn Loans!

Garden City Exchange offers 90 day pawn loans at the crazy low interest rate of 3% per month!

AND… if you are a new customer, your first month is at 0%!! If your loan isn’t paid off after a month… then it minimally increases to the crazy low rate of 3% per month. However, you must mention that you saw this special on our website.

So… you may be wondering what a “Pawn Loan” is and how it works. Let us shed some light. At Garden City Exchange, we offer our customers an alternate lending option to traditional loans that may be hard to get such as bank loans, credit card cash, or a loan from family member.

If you have an item of value, you can use that as collateral for a secured loan. You get cash on the spot within minutes and we will securely store your item. Once your pawn loan is paid off, your item is returned to you.

If you cannot pay off your pawn loan, then possession of the item is transferred to Garden City Exchange. We make up for the defaulted loan by then selling these items.

Typical pawn loans are 90 days. However if that is too short of a timeframe for you to pay the loan off, you can easily extend it another 90 days.

Just like banks and other lending services, there is an interest rate involved that you have to pay. However, Garden City Exchange offers the lowest in town. Our low interest pawn loans are 3% per month. If you are a new customer, your first month is at 0% (you must mention this offer). And unlike other lenders, we do not report the defaulted loan on your credit report.

If you have any questions about pawnshops or how pawn loans work, either visit our blog, give us a call at 734.525.0777 or shoot us an email at Contact@gardencityexchange.com.

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